October 10, 2013

The Man Painter by Melissa Turner Lee

Hey everybody! I know it's a little soon to be putting up a review of a sequel, but I couldn't help it and right now it's the only review I've got. I recently went to read Insurgent by Veronica Roth, but then I totally forgot what happened in Divergent. So I'm re-reading that now, and I forget who claimed it to review, but it's not me. Might be Max, actually. Without further ado, here's another review for you all!

The Man Painter by Melissa Turner Lee

 WARNING: This is the second book in the Painter Series. If you have not read the first book, The Earth Painter (click here for a review), I advise that you STOP READING NOW. Thank you!

It’s been two years since the old Chesnee high school blew up. And since Holly saw Theo. She’s tried to keep him out of her mind, and has even tried to move on, and even though she’s mostly succeeded, he’s still working his way into her thoughts. When Holly hears about ancient paintings of dinosaurs, she knows it has to be him. Who else could it be? Why would he be drawing attention to himself, anyway? He knows he’s not allowed to do that…

WARNING: This book contains sexual content. While it is not graphic, there are very clear suggestions of it.

I’m so sad this series is over. Only two books! I really hope she writes some short stories or something, because I miss Holly and Theo already. In my opinion, this book was not as good as the first one, but the climax was just as dramatic and I was very satisfied with the ending. If you’ve read the first book (and if you haven’t, STOP READING NOW!), you know that Theo is now human. From the summary above, you also know that of course Holly finds him.

This mainly focuses on Holly and Theo’s relationship now that Theo’s human and has emotions. It follows them through Theo’s adjustment and how Holly helps him. Like I said before, I really like Holly. I identify with her a lot, but not as much in this book, mainly because she’s older now and is worried about different things. And Theo...I really really like him. :D He’s just so innocent and vulnerable, and in that scene at the end of The Earth Painter, that’s when I really started to like him, and it just went uphill from there. The sciences are back, and so if Fritz. Enough about them, just read the book.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I love so much about this series and this author. I have decided on two things: (1) the unique idea of the painters, and (2) her writing style. I’ve come across characters similar to these, but never have I identified with a protagonist as much as I did with Holly, and now that I think about it, none that were like Theo. I guess they added to it, too. Again, I can’t believe it’s over. I was really really happy with the ending and glad the conflict was resolved, but I’m sad at the same time that it’s over.

Once again, Lee continues an amazing story in her one-of-a-kind world with passionate love and relationships stronger than evil.
Five stars!
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