November 23, 2015

Review | The Truth of Never by O. E. Boroni

The Truth of Never
By O. E. Boroni
Never Trilogy #3
Adult, Romance
Released on October 20, 2015
360 pages

This book was provided to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I swear on my bookshelf that this has not affected my opinion of the book.
Can love really conquer all?
Thirteen years ago, Lenora Baker and Nathan Roque ran into each other in their boarding school courtyard. Despite the bitter losses and experiences that they were both nursing in their hearts, they somehow managed to find in each other a passion that healed as powerfully as it burned. But demons aren’t chased away that easily. 
Now, thirteen years later, everything is rekindled with a ferocity that neither of them can ignore. They’ve found their way back to each other but in this conclusion to the trilogy, their hope for the love-filled future that neither of them ever believed that they could have is on the line. 
Life happens; disaster rocks the already shaky ground that they’re standing on, and dreams begin to seem like nightmares.
Will they find the answers to the questions that have plagued them for so long, or will they once again succumb to their fears?

*This is an adult novel, but it is friendly to YA readers too.*

The end has finally come, and it certainly did not disappoint. I have reviewed all of the books in this series and lived through the turmoil, terror, and triumph with Nora and Nathan. I truly feel like I lived these long years with the troubled couple and I happy with this conclusion to their story.

I would say that this is the most action-packed book in the series. Basically anything that could have gone wrong, did. Murphy's Law was a constant in this book. There were marriages, deaths, fights, reunions, revealed secrets, lawsuits, and anything else that you can imagine. But I could follow everything that happened, which was amazing considering the magnitude of all of the events going on at one time. 

I loved how Boroni focused on the stories of the secondary characters, like Carlie and her own quest to escape singledom, and the martial adventures of Lisa and Peter. There were a bunch of different kinds of relationships addressed, and I appreciated the diversity

The relationship between Nora and Nathan was as frustrating (in a good way), fascinating, and intoxicating as it was in the first novel. I love how their story showed that there is something better past the initial phase of infatuation in a relationship. This was not instalove, my friends. It was more like drawn-out-over-decades-love, which I admit was equal parts exasperating and endearing. They had to face trials and toils and some unhappy conclusions. Love was fought for in this book, not just given out for free. 

The ending was a bit unexpected (at least to me) and I think it might have moved too quickly in my opinion. I wish that I got to know more of Nora and Nathan's story, which is a testament to the quality of this story.

That being said, there were times in the book that the events seemed a little dramatic or unrealistic. I have never been a famous TV journalist like Nathan or a fashion designer/author like Nora (even though I would love to be either), but their predicaments were a tad unbelievable at times. I tried to suspend my belief, which worked most of the time. But there were still ticklings in the back of my mind that questioned the likeliness of everything that happened.

Overall, this is a great modern love story that developed well over three books and a couple of decades. I loved the long time span of the series, since I got to experience the beginning, middle, and happily ever after of a wonderful love story of a troubled girl and a troubled boy. 

If I have not convinced you to try this series out, you can read the first chapter of The Truth of Never for yourself in my promo post. You can also start from the beginning and read my reviews for the first installment, The Beginning of Never, and the second installment, The Way to Never

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