August 11, 2013

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of Katherines

Author: John Green
Release Date: September 21, 2006
Pages: 226
Review by: Tessa

Colin has a thing for Katherines. Katherines have a thing for dumping Colin. Some people may call this an obsession, but Colin thinks it is perfectly normal. But Colin is also thinks that he can fix his relationship issues by solving math problems.
When Katherine XIX (for those of you who don't know Roman numerals, that is nineteen) breaks Colin's heart, he is done with Katherines. He decided to go on a impromptu road trip with his sarcastic best friend. Colin never does anything spontaneous, so this is all new to him. They end up in Gunpoint, Tennesse with no Katherines in sight, but there is a Lindsay who might be Katherine material. Green creates a puzzle of a plot that involves hog hunting, a dead Archduke, and multiple trips to Hardy's. Will Colin ever get the girl? Will her name be Katherine?

Yes, this is another amazing book from the genius John Green. To be honest, at first I only read this book because it was by John Green. After I read The Fault in Our Stars I was craving more from John Green. I don't think any book he writes will top The Fault in Our Stars, but I still haven't read all of his books, so there is still hope. (If you love John Green I recommend checking out his YouTube channel Vlogbrothers here. He does it with his brother, Hank, and they are hilarious! They have a bunch of other channels, so check them out too.)

An Abundance of Katherines has a little bit for everyone, YA fans, John Green fans, people who like math, people who like to laugh, and Judge Judy fans. From the blurb that I gave you it does seem weird, but John Green has a way with making the impossible work. The plot was immediately intrigued me. Who doesn't love a road trip? I was a little disappointed that Green didn't elaborate more on the journey, but the destination was worth it. Some things did bother me, like how 20 Katherines all the same age could live so close to each other. I just I am just logical that way. I was also wondering how Colin got 20 girls to go out with him. He is so awkward. I guess he has some pretty good pickup lines. Besides the minor plot holes, the book was amazing. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The characters were funny and I could connect with them. They all had different problems, so you will find something that you can relate to. The subplots kept me curious throughout the whole book, like a good subplot should. Green also hid fascinating facts all through the book that had me laughing out loud. I give this book 4.5 stars.

If you take anything out of the review just know that John Green is awesome, so all of his books are too.


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