November 28, 2012

Whatcha Reading Wednesday 11/28/12

Hiya people of the interwebs! It's Max, and today is....*insert drumroll here* WEDNESDAY!
Y'all know what that means! Wait, what do you mean don't? It up there in the title, genius!
Anyways...on to the good stuff.

Tessa (whose name means "to reap or gather")
        Is currently (well not at this very exact moment, but you get the gist) starting Finale, the final book in the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I may have kinda sorta only a teensy bit ruined a part of it for her. *sheepishly smiles*

Cassia (whose names means "cinnamon")
       Is reading Need (A book your author whose name rhymes with snacks quite enjoyed) by Carrie Jones. She should also be reading the book I've lent her for us to review...YOU HEAR THAT CASSIA?


Max (whose name means "greatest", get it? Cuz like, I said the latest and the greatest, and that's what...nevermind. Just...nevermind.)
Just finished The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson, (an amazing sci-fi that's going to be a review in the soon future) and is currently reading The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson. Whoo.

And that's it! See ya next Wednesday! And quite possibly sometime before that!

Fly on,

November 22, 2012

Review | Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

Hiya everybody!  Cassia here!  First of all, happy Thanksgiving!  Max caught me at the end of Linger, but just to let you all know, I absolutely loved it!  I also formed my opinion on Cole St. Clair:  I love him!  I finally got to see who he really is.  Here’s my review of Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr:

WARNING:  Ink Exchange is the second book in the Wicked Lovely series.  Unless you have read the first book, I highly advise that you stop reading NOW.  Thank you!

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

Leslie needs change.  She doesn’t want all of this pain in her life anymore.  She needs something to prove to herself that she can heal.  So, she gets a tattoo.

Irial needs a way to save his court.  He can’t let them starve.  He needs a solution.  Now.  He’s found one, but at the cost of a mortal.  His solution is through a tattoo.

Leslie finds a tattoo, one that is beautifully eerie.  What she doesn’t know is what it will cost her.

A girl has chosen Irial’s tattoo.  Leslie.  Soon, Irial draws Leslie into the dark and dangerous world of the Dark Court.  Will Irial let her go?

This is my second favorite book in this series.  This book is definitely . . .darker than the others.  Do not read this book before bed.  In Wicked Lovely, you don’t see the Dark Court.  By now you know that Irial helped Beira curse Keenan.  (FYI, Keenan hates, and I mean hates, Irial.)  The Dark Court is the place of nightmares, temptation, and shadows.  As the Dark King, Irial has the power to control the shadows, but he doesn’t use it in this book.

I do like Leslie more than Aislinn.  Leslie is also strong, but she is just searching for a way to feel better.  Leslie doesn’t look to other people as much, because she doesn’t really have anybody she can trust.  Niall is also in this book.  I love him.  Niall is like Leslie, and is searching for a way to feel better.  In this book, you find out where he got those scars, why he ran to the Summer Court, and his brutal, bloody past with Irial.  Irial is the Dark King, the King of Nightmares, the King of Temptation. Pick one.  He’s held the throne of the Dark Court for at least 1,000 years, which is pretty hard if you ask me.  He’s arrogant, dark, and dangerous.  He will do anything for his court, and will give his life and more for the ones he loves.  As you know, Irial is my favorite character of ALL TIME.  Hopefully you’ll see why he is my favorite character.

Overall, this book is great.  This book explores how love can heal someone, and also the dangers of the Faery world.  It also explores what it’s like to love someone, hurt them, and then be at peace with them, and hopefully love them once again.

Five stars!

Goodbye for now,

November 21, 2012

Whatcha Reading Wednesday 11/21/12

       Hey everyone! Max here, bringing to you a brand spanking new feature for our blog! Tessa came up with the wonderful idea that every Wednesday, Cassia, Tessa, and I would share what we're currently reading! Another addition to why Wednesdays are personally my favorite day of the week.

So, for today (11/21/12) we have:

   Just finished Fallen by Lauren Kate. 'Twas pretty good, except it was a little predictable. It might possibly be a review option in the near future. Hmm.
   Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Prepare yourself for her blindingly poetic and elaborate review.
             She says, and I quote "It's good."
    Quality stuff, huh?
    Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. She said it's really good (It was), she doesn't know what to think of Cole St. Clair (who was totally the bomb) and she wants to run onto the pages (understandable).

So, yeah. All these books are great, and I've only read the first chapter of Hex Hall. Fallen and Linger are both super romantic, and Hex Hall (at least the first chapter) is funny. I suggest you read them.

What are you reading?

Fly on,

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #1
Release Date: March 27, 2007
Pages: 485
Review by: Max
     When Clary Fray, a feisty, redheaded New York teenager goes to the Pandemonium Club with her nerdy but lovable best friend, Simon, she sees a boy get murdered by three other teens...and only she saw it.
     It goes downhill from there.
     Clary finds herself immersed in the world of Shadowhunters, also called Nephilim. People born with angel's blood, with one mission: to protect the world from demons.
     The next day, Clary is attacked by a demon in her very house. She manages to kill the demon, but is posioned and taken to the Institute, New York Shadowhunters HQ, by Jace, one of the boys  she saw the previous day.
      She meets Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, whose parents are head of the Institue. When Clary explains everything to Hodge, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec's guardian, some freaky stuff is discovered, and Clary realizes that her life is more intertwined with Shadowhuntery than she thought.
   There's warlocks, vampires, faeries, werewolves, fighting, and romance. What more could you want?
    As the first book in a trilogy, now technically a six-book series, I didn't really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.
    This book was great. There really aren't any other words I could use to describe it. Well, there probably are. Fantabulous? Terrific? Jaw-droppingly attention-catching? Jace-tastic? All of these probably fit just as well, but I'm sticking with great.
    Plus, it's going to be a movie!

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November 20, 2012

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes.jpgCity of Ashes

Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #2
Release Date: March 25, 2008
Pages: 453
Review by: Tessa

       This is the second book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. So, if you didn't read The City of Bones first you are either a very confused person or looking for spoilers. I suggest reading the wonderful review for City of Bones by Max.
       I was so excited after City of Bones that I HAD to read the sequel ASAP!  Imagine how I felt when I found out there are going to be 6 books! This book did not disappoint. The cover alone was enough to make me happy (Some people say that I am easy to impress). The book has just the right amounts of action and humor.
       Clary's mother is now in the hospital, but she has bigger problems. Clary's best friend is suddenly her new "boyfriend" and the Institute is in chaos. Jace is accused of some stupid "crime" and sent to the Silent City to be questioned. The Silent Brothers discover that Valentine has stolen the Mortal Sword, aka the Soul-Sword. In an attempt to regain the Mortal Sword a ship blows up, Clary is put in danger (again), and some noble people die.

November 19, 2012

City of Bones Movie Countdown

Hi everyone!  Cassia here!  Tessa, Max, and me are huge fans of Cassandra Clare and her books.  We've read all of her books that are out, and can't wait for The Dark Artifices, Clockwork Princess, and City of Heavenly Fire.  We also can't wait for the City of Bones movie on August 23rd 2013.  Here's a countdown:

November 16, 2012

Review | Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

In this book, Aislinn can see faeries that walk among us . . .invisible.

Rule #3: Don’t stare at invisible faeries.

Rule #2: Don’t speak to invisible faeries.

Rule #1: Don’t ever attract their attention.

Aislinn has lived by these rules all her life.  But they don’t work when two powerful Court faeries start stalking her . . .and other powerful faeries start appearing human . . .with her best friends.  Keenan, the Summer King, and Donia, the Winter Girl, draw Aislinn into a 900 year old deadly conflict between the Summer and Winter Courts.
If you read the introduction post, you’ll know that this is my absolute favorite series EVER.  So, naturally, I called dibs on the whole series, so this might get a little long.  Just so you know, the protagonists name, Aislinn is pronounced ash-linn or ash-ling.  By the time I found this out, I had finished the whole series.  If you want to know how to pronounce the characters’ names, you can visit www.melissa-marr.com.  Believe me, it helps.  In this review, I’m only doing the first book, but just to let you know, my favorite character is in this series.  His name is Irial, and he’s the Dark King.  You don’t come across him much, but once you know about the curse, you’ll find that he plays a big part.  Well, in the whole series actually.  Okay, enough babbling.

Marr writes in third person omniscient, which means she’s the narrator, and she’s in the minds of a lot of characters, basically.  If you don’t like that, don’t panic.  After a while you don’t even notice.  Marr also uses incredible imagery.  A couple times just in this book alone I stopped reading, looked around, and thought, “Where’d everybody go?”  It’s so easy to get lost in her world of Faery.

On to the characters.  Aislinn, the protagonist, is strong, stubborn, and easy to like.  There’s not much about her that I don’t like.  Her best friend is Seth, handsome, caring, and . . .well, perfect.  Some people like Keenan better, but if you ask me Seth is anything any girl could want.  And then there’s Keenan, volatile, temperamental, handsome, caring, and gentle when he wants to be.  His mother, Beira, the Winter Queen, is cold and power-hungry, and will do anything to get it.  I love all of the characters, and these descriptions don’t do them justice, but it’s the best I can do without giving anything away. ;)

The plot is amazing.  I wasn’t bored at all, and that’s hard to not have me get bored during a book, since I’m restless.  The ending will satisfy you, and it may seem like nothing else can happen, but don’t forget-- There’s a second book!  Did I mention this was my favorite series? ;)

Bye for now,

November 13, 2012

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Hi everyone!  Cassia here!  I know we don't have the City of Bones or City of Ashes reviews yet, but here's my review for City of Glass by Cassandra Clare!


WARNING:  City of Glass is the third book of The Mortal Instruments series.  If you haven't read the first two books, I advise that you do not read this review.  Thank you!

In City of Glass, Clary, Jace, the Lightwoods, and eventually Simon head to Alicante in the Shadowhunter country of Idris.  That's all I'm going to say as a summary, but Goodreads has the real summary. ( If I said anymore, there would most likely be spoilers.(; )

This book is my favorite of the series!  Everyone knows that war is coming, and it does.  I don't consider that a spoiler since its inevitable.  Anyway, for you Jace-lovers out there, you'll have your fill of him.  This book really shows just how awesome of a fighter he is.  If you love Simon, you get a lot of him, too, so don't panic.  While in Idris, Clary and the Lightwoods stay with their cousins, the Penhallows.  Also staying with them is Sebastian Verlac.  Quiet and polite, Clary finds herself wanting to know more about him . . .

In City of Glass, secrets are revealed and not everyone appears as who they really are.

5 stars!!!!

Bye for now,


November 12, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers and YA book fans!

Some friends of mine and I are going to be reviewing our favorite-and sometimes not so favorite-books on this very blog right here. It's going to be a blast. However, before we really get to reviewing and writing and reading and all that good stuff, I figure you should get to know us all!

I'm Max.  Of course, that's not my real name, but we all chose to use character names on here. I chose Maximum Ride, because, as one of my friends you'll meet in a minute said, I can't kick butt like Max can, but I got the humor. The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson from which Max is from is one of my absolute favorite book series ever. My favorite color is purple, and all my reviews will have purple headings. I love reading, writing, The Voice, sarcasm, British Youtubers, puns, and chocolate.

My fraternal (which means we don't necessarily look alike and some other scientific stuff I don't feel like explaining) twin sister's name is Tessa, from the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. She chose Tessa because I suggested it, and who can say no to me, plus, that's just who she's like a lot, especially the book-lover part. She likes the color pink, reading (obviously), being smart, Renaissance England, arguing with me (and winning, apparently), and Christmas music.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is Cassia. Her character name is from Matched by Ally Condie. She's Cassia because she loves the name. She plays the viola, which is like the violin BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME THING, and softball. Her favorite series ever is Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Her favorite bands are Shinedown and than 3 Doors Down. Of course, she loves reading.

Fly on,