January 24, 2015

Soundtrack Saturday | Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

This meme, hosted by Erin @ The Hardcover Lover, is the perfect mix of music and books. 

Anyone can participate and the rules are simple. 

All that you have to do is create a soundtrack (or a mini-sound track) for a book. 

A full soundtrack has about 10-12 songs, but you could use more. 

A mini-soundtrack includes four songs that describe the key parts of the book: the beginning, the characters, the romance, and the ending. 

The last Soundtrack Saturday post on Crazy for YA was about two months ago. Cassia, who usually does the Soundtrack Saturday, has taken an unexpected hiatus, so we are now missing our music expert.

I am in no way a musician and my singing voice sounds like a tone-deaf smoker who has bronchitis. But, I have been wanting to try this meme. Even though I cannot sing, I listen to music all of the time. As you know, I am a lover of anything that involves words, so lyrics are my favorite part of any song (but a catchy tone does not hurt).

The book that I choose to highlight is Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross.

Something Big by Shawn Mendenes
This song perfectly describes the beginning of the book. Mira is sick of waiting for something to happen in her life, so she is going to make it happen herself. 
Clarity by Zedd
This describes Mira's relationship with Blue toward the end of the book. Mira and Blue both have something to offer each other that no one else can give. This song shows this unique and precious relationship.
Mr. Almost by Meghan Trainor
This song describes Mira's relationship with Felix. At first, he is perfect, but then Mira sees him for what he actually is.
Your Lips are Moving by Meghan Trainor
This song describes Felix as a person. He is cursed to lie, over and over, but he makes no effort to fight his curse.
Fixer Upper from Frozen
This song PERFECTLY describes Mira's and Blue's relationship in the beginning of the book. And this would not be a complete playlist without at least one song from Frozen.
Distance by Christina Perri
I fell like this song embodies the struggle that Blue and Mira have with their relationship in the middle of the book. Both of them have the power to hurt each other, but neither of them wanted to. They both believed that the only way to protect the other was to stay apart.
Something I Need by One Republic
This song explains Blue's curse. He needs Mira to live, but he knows he could hurt her. This creates a problem because without his "something" he will literally die.
Also, I feel like this also describes Mira's attraction to Blue. She has been sheltered all of her life, so she needs someone as alive as Blue to help her figure everything out.

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  1. Thanks so much, Tessa! I loved going through your songs, even though I haven't read this book. lol

  2. I'm surprised that you don't have the song Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack! I am always reminded of that song everytime I read the title of this book. Perhaps, it is not a suitable song for the book soundtrack?
    Anyway, great choices of songs! :)
    Azee @ UnderCover Critique