July 18, 2016

Real Neat Blog Award (feat. Peggy the Pegasus)

Thanks to the outstanding Carlisa @ Confessions of Carlisa for nominating me for this award. You can see her post here (with a wonderful story about a brave mountain goat named Billy). If a that does not catch your eye, you should check out her blog for the amazing reviews, discussions, and my personal favorite, Fairytale Fridays!

To get back on topic, here are the rules for this tag:

real neat blog award
1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (the aforementioned Carlisa and her awesomeness).
2. Answer the seven questions.

3. Frame seven questions for your nominees.
4. Nominate seven(ish) deserving bloggers for the award.

Now for the questions that Carlisa borrowed from Ali @ The Bander Blog.

1. Would you rather be a princess or a pirate? Why?

I would like to say that I want to be a pirate, but in my heart I have always wanted to be a princess. But I would be a kick-butt, head-strong princess that cares for her people. Of course, there would also be a prince charming involved and an epic love story. But I would not be a damsel in distress that needed to be rescued.  

2. Let’s continue with the royalty bit for a second: Where would you put your castle if you had one? Mountains, desert, coast, space, etc?! 

I would have a castle that floats in the sky. My majestic home would be like an island in the sky. I would be so high up that I could wake up and touch the clouds every day. My people would always have the best view of sunrises and sunsets. Also, it would be incredibly easy to defend if someone dared to attack my kingdom. Not just beautiful, but practical too.

3. What is a decorative feature of your castle? A lava moat? Peacocks in abundance? Singing mermaids? I WANT A FANTASTICAL IMAGE EVOKED.

Since my castle is in the sky, there would be a cloud garden. It would be an open space in my courtyard where clouds would gather so that I could reach up and touch them. Naturally, there would also be amazing flowers and birds and such. But mostly fluffy clouds. 

4. Okay, so based on where you put your castle in question 2, who (or what) is your sidekick?

My sidekick obviously has to be a pegasus named Peggy. How else would I travel from my castle to the ground when I need to? I could ride Peggy around my castle. She would live in the aforementioned cloud garden and help me protect my sky people.

5. You’re the hero of the story. Who is the villain you defeated and how did you defeat it?

My arch nemesis in this story is the evil wind sprite. She is jealous of all of the cool clouds that I have in my cloud garden, so she wants to destroy my castle. Her plan was to blow hurricane force winds toward my fortress (no one ever said she was a criminal mastermind). Fortunately, Peggy and I were able to predict her moves and ruin her plan. All it took was sending one pretty cloud toward her, and I was able to capture her in her distraction.

6. Referencing the same story as #5. Are you involved in the loveliest of romances or are you fighting the most epic of battles?

Since I already defeated the vicious (but not terribly bright) wind sprite in an epic battle, I think I deserve to have a swoon-worthy romance. And Peggy is going to be my wingman (pun definitely intended).

7. OH NO THERE IS A TEENY-TINY ASTEROID ZOOMING TOWARDS EARTH AND IT IS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HOUSE. Luckily all your valuables/loved ones/pets are safe in the front yard. YOUR BOOKS ARE NOT. Hurry and grab the ones that mean the most to you!! What did you grab?

I would grab the Harry Potter series, my new favorite Six of Crows, and Divergent. Thankfully Peggy was gracious enough to risk her life to help me save that stack of books from their violent asteroid death.

Now here are the questions for my nominees.

1.  Who is your favorite superhero? Why? (Pictures are appreciated!)

2. What is your favorite book about superheroes/super powers?

3. If you could have any super power, what one would you choose?

4. What does your superhero outfit look like? Are you wearing a cape or a mask? What colors are decorating your superhero outfit? I want all of the details!

5. What evil villain would you fight with your powers?

6. Some authors write so well that it does not seem humanly possible. So, which author do you think is a superhero is disguise?

7. You come to confront your aforementioned nemesis, but they were crafty and took your favorite book as a hostage! What book is your villain holding against you?

I formally nominate Claire @ Cover to Cover and Inge and Aly @ Of Wonderland to accept the Real Neat Blog Award and answer my questions! 

But, if you are dying to answer my (awesome) questions but were not nominated, feel free to post your answers too! Thanks again to Carlisa for nominating me and Ali for the fun questions!

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