December 4, 2016

How to Make Your Wallet Cry | A Gift Guide for Bookworms

Sometimes it can be hard to find presents for the people that you love in your life. Sure, you can always stick a gift card or some cash in an envelope and call it a day, but where is the fun in that? I am of the mentality that every person is unique, so everyone should get a unique and personalized gift. 

Fortunately, bookworms are extremely easy to shop for. There is no guessing what we want, I mean the word "book" is literally in the title. 

1. Bookish Merchandise from Booklovers

The Internet is a beauty thing for bookworms while it is a danger for our wallets. Etsy, Society6, Ebay, RedBubble and other online stores are great places to look for presents. 

In the past year, the bookish merchandise business has grown on all kinds of online platforms. You can buy everything related to books, such as but certainly not limited to: candles, bookmarks, t-shirts, prints, lip balm, necklaces, bracelets, phone cases, mugs, and perfumes.

BONUS: All of these stores are run by bookworms who are all super passionate about books, fangirling, and reading past their bedtimes. You can trust them to have the perfect gift for the bookworms on your Christmas list.

Novelly Yours - Brittany has been on Etsy for a little more than a year, yet she already has sold over 3000 book related candles. If that is not a testament to her skills, then I don't know what is. She has captured so many iconic items and characters with her candles, including the Magical Golden Flower from Tangled and Liam from The Darkest Minds.

Paperfury - Cait has some of the best bookish designs I have seen. Not only are they beautiful with amazing patterns and designs, most of them have funny and completely true saying about loving books. 

Behind the Pages - I was originally drawn to her store by her fantastic bookmarks, I am also really impressed by her book boyfriend lip balms. Honestly, it might be the closest thing to being about to kiss your favorite literary character. Enough said, right?

Blu Bear Bazaar - Molly from Molly's Book Nook runs this store that opened this year. So far, it includes mugs, clothing, and other accessories with a variety of cute designs. Most of them involve reading or writing in some way, like her Holding Up the Universe t-shirt, #bookstagram mug, and Six of Crows tote bag.

2. Funko Pops

These are not the simple dolls or bobble heads from your childhood. Funko Pops are collectible, addicting, and extremely cute figures that feature all of your favorite book, TV show, and movie characters. 

They are perfect to decorate your bookshelf or to bring some magic to your desk. 

I personally love the Charlie and Dean Pops from Supernatural. I mean, who doesn't want their own Dean Winchester? 

They also have the entire cast of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones in various collections.

3. Subscription Boxes

If you are worried about your gift not being creative enough, don't worry. There are people out there who get paid to organize awesome goodies and books to give to people. Book subscription boxes have really exploded this year and they can be a really great gift too. Instead of buying a whole year's worth, you can buy a couple of months; worth, or even just one, to send to one of your bookworm friends. You can left it to the experts to create a great gift, and you still get all of the credit!



LootCrate (specifically Wizarding World Crate)


4. A book

Who saw that coming? 

This suggestion may seem a little obvious, but a lot of people forget that sometimes the best gifts are the simplest. Not every gesture has to be grandiose and exaggerated. A well-picked book can be as valuable and thoughtful as any other gift. In order to pick out a book for someone, you need to know their tastes and personality pretty well. So, giving a book shows that you pay attention to your loved one and that you care about what they like and dislike. Also, giving someone one of your favorite books is also really personal. You are essentially giving them a piece of yourself in the form of a book. 

Really, a book is the perfect gift to feed a reader's passion and earn their eternal love. What more could a bookworm need than another book to stack on the TBR?

BONUS: Books are rectangles and really easy to wrap. They also fit nicely in gift bags if you are lazy like me.

5. A handmade gift

Contrary to popular belief, bookworms are still normal humans (even though I am using a very loose definition of normal). We love everyday things like a knitted scarf, heartfelt cards, and food. When it comes down to it, the price of a gift does not matter. For example, a diamond necklace seem like a perfect gift due to its fanciness and expense, but it is useless if the receiver does not wear jewelry. In the end, personalized gifts that don't break the bank are better than an impersonal, but impressively expensive, gift that someone will never use.  

All you have to do is browse on Pinterest for a couple of minutes (or if I am being honest, a couple of hours since it will suck you in) in order to find the perfect DIY for the special people in your life. You can make everything from an amazingly cozy blanket to personalized polaroid coasters.

Regardless of what you end up wrapping up for those you love, just remember that the season is about sharing love and companionship. The most expensive gifts don't have to be the best ones, as long as they are given with love.

What do you want this Christmas? Are you still trying to buy gifts for friends and family? If so, what are you planning? Are you getting anything for yourself this year?

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