November 21, 2012

Whatcha Reading Wednesday 11/21/12

       Hey everyone! Max here, bringing to you a brand spanking new feature for our blog! Tessa came up with the wonderful idea that every Wednesday, Cassia, Tessa, and I would share what we're currently reading! Another addition to why Wednesdays are personally my favorite day of the week.

So, for today (11/21/12) we have:

   Just finished Fallen by Lauren Kate. 'Twas pretty good, except it was a little predictable. It might possibly be a review option in the near future. Hmm.
   Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Prepare yourself for her blindingly poetic and elaborate review.
             She says, and I quote "It's good."
    Quality stuff, huh?
    Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. She said it's really good (It was), she doesn't know what to think of Cole St. Clair (who was totally the bomb) and she wants to run onto the pages (understandable).

So, yeah. All these books are great, and I've only read the first chapter of Hex Hall. Fallen and Linger are both super romantic, and Hex Hall (at least the first chapter) is funny. I suggest you read them.

What are you reading?

Fly on,

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