November 12, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers and YA book fans!

Some friends of mine and I are going to be reviewing our favorite-and sometimes not so favorite-books on this very blog right here. It's going to be a blast. However, before we really get to reviewing and writing and reading and all that good stuff, I figure you should get to know us all!

I'm Max.  Of course, that's not my real name, but we all chose to use character names on here. I chose Maximum Ride, because, as one of my friends you'll meet in a minute said, I can't kick butt like Max can, but I got the humor. The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson from which Max is from is one of my absolute favorite book series ever. My favorite color is purple, and all my reviews will have purple headings. I love reading, writing, The Voice, sarcasm, British Youtubers, puns, and chocolate.

My fraternal (which means we don't necessarily look alike and some other scientific stuff I don't feel like explaining) twin sister's name is Tessa, from the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. She chose Tessa because I suggested it, and who can say no to me, plus, that's just who she's like a lot, especially the book-lover part. She likes the color pink, reading (obviously), being smart, Renaissance England, arguing with me (and winning, apparently), and Christmas music.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is Cassia. Her character name is from Matched by Ally Condie. She's Cassia because she loves the name. She plays the viola, which is like the violin BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME THING, and softball. Her favorite series ever is Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Her favorite bands are Shinedown and than 3 Doors Down. Of course, she loves reading.

Fly on,

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