February 21, 2013

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1)
Maximum Ride Book One, The Angel Experiment
By James Patterson

Max isn't normal. Not even close.
In fact, she's only 98% human. What's the other percent, you may be asking?
Avian, aka bird.
But, you might also be asking, what difference does 2% birdy DNA make?
A stinking lot, let me tell you.
Max and her friends, her Flock, as they call themselves, all have wings. All six of them.
The rest of Max's Flock (Gazzy, Angel, Iggy, Nudge, and Fang) mean everything to Max, because they're all she's ever had. After all, it's probably pretty hard to make friends when you're a bird-freak.
Anyways, Max's Flock means everything to her, and when one of them gets captured by the evil School, the lab where they were created, she's going to save them. No matter what.
Even if she has to fight the 'Erasers', a wacked-out form of werewolves also created by and run by the School, and risk her own life on the line.

This book was the bomb. And there were actually bombs in it!

I don't get the cover. I'm guessing it's supposed to look like Max, but she's blonde. I think. Maybe she's brunette with blonde streaks.
Anyways, off to the actual review.

First off, the concept in general was cool. A book about the adventures of a rag-tag group of mutants with wings? GENIUS! They were created by scientists in a lab, and some of this book, and some of the books in the rest of the series, tell their adventures finding out who their parents really are, which I also found interesting. The world was kind of weird. I mean, I think with our government today, someone would find out about a lab that experiments on kids. That's the only part of this book that I didn't quite like. But hey, it's book about kids with wings. How realistic can you expect it to be?
It was very scientific at times, when it explained their DNA and a lot of things that happen to them (besides the wings) because of that measly 2%, and I really found that interesting.

Max was like, the best narrator ever. She's one of those kick-wing female leads that just in themselves make the book they star in worth reading and utterly enjoyable. She's sarcastic, hilarious, and overall AWESOME! If you think I'M funny (which I totally am), then you should check out who I was fake-named after. She's the bomb. She tells her (and her Flock's) adventures through her eyes, in a way that I couldn't get enough of. I think in two chapters, they have a third person perspective of two other characters, and they were okay, but definitely not the same as Max.

All the other characters are great too. There's Fang, the silent one, who happens to possibly be Max's lurrrrrve interest *wiggly eyebrows.* Iggy's a blind pyromaniac who is an amazing chef, however that works out. Gazzy, Angel's older brother, is Iggy's apprentice, if you will, and has a digestive problem. Let's just say he was named Gazzy for a reason. Lastly, there's Nudge, the talkaholic, and Angel, their deviously angelic little mind-reader. They're all just great.

The plot was awesomesaucetastic! It was fast-paced, action-filled, and HIGH-larious! Get it? 'Cuz when they fly, they're HIGH?
Why do I even try?
Anyways, this is like on my list of must-reads. As in, read it and love it or I will refuse to speak to you further in life.
Please, dear readers. READ IT!

Fly on,

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