February 7, 2013

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red

Author: Kerstin Gier
Series: Precious Stone Trilogy #1
Release Date: May 10, 2011
Pages: 336
Review by: Tessa

       Gwyneth is just an ordinary schoolgirl. Or so she thought.
       Gwyneth has grown up with the idea of time travel, but she knows she will never get to experience it. Her "perfect" cousin, Charlotte, has inherited her family's time-traveling gene. Charlotte is constantly pampered with private lessons, and her every whim is obeyed. She is a pain to Gwen, who has to live with Charlotte and the rest of her crazy family. 
       But, everything changes when Gwyneth travels in time instead of Charlotte. Gwyneth, not the perfect and prepared Charlotte, is blessed (or cursed) with the gene. Then, it was prophesied that Gwen has "the magic of the Raven"-- whatever that is supposed to mean.
       Gwen is the key to completing the time-travelers quest, but will she want to live up to her destiny?

        This book was amazing, but a tad bit confusing. To be fair, most books with time travel are hard to follow. I was bothered by the fact that some events were extremely detailed, then there were whole days that were summarized in a sentence.
       Gwen got on my nerves for some of the book. She was just so naïve and innocent! She was definitely the underdog, but Gier made it seems as if Gwen was hopeless. But, the best part of this book (besides time-travel) is Gideon. He is a moody, snotty, rich, love interest. He is either ignoring or annoying Gwen, but he does redeem himself. The ending was an extreme cliffhanger and I recommend having the next book, Sapphire Blue, on hand before you finish this one.



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