July 1, 2013

Edit to Ender's Game Review

Hey everybody! Cassia here! So, I was just thinking about the Ender's Game movie, and which songs I think should be on the soundtrack. Well, actually, it's just one. Anyway, I'm adding on to my review of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I'm putting it on the bottom, but I wanted people to see it, so I'm putting it here and on the review as well. Just wanted to let you all know that. Here's the edit:

P. S.  You wanna know a really good song for this book? "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day. Good song, and it really shows the theme of the book: know your enemy. If you don't know your enemy, then you can't pinpoint their weaknesses, and then use those weaknesses to your advantage. If you can't do that, well...good luck. Also, maybe you think you know who the enemy is, but you might be wrong. Those are two main themes of the book, all wrapped up in one song, and one phrase: "Know your enemy." This should be on the movie soundtrack, in my opinion. It's kind of repetitive, but a good song nonetheless. I would post a lyric video, but he doesn't mumble too much and it's easy to understand. Instead, I'm posting a link to the lyrics and a link to the music video so you can check it out.

"Know Your Enemy" Lyrics

"Know Your Enemy" Music Video

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