July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Today is actually America's 237th birthday. We are celebrating over 200 years of independence and freedom. Try to imagine how hard it would be to create a new country. Our founding fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, etc.) created our country, but we are the ones that keep it strong. Today is a day to celebrate, but also a day to remember how many of our soldiers are still fighting for our freedom. I hope everyone has a happy 4th, filled with fireworks, hamburgers, and apple pie.
Some good books to read today are:
 David McCullough1776 book cover.jpgThe President's Daughter (2008 Revision)
Happy belated Canada Day to our neighbors to the north! Canada Day was on July 1st, but I have been too busy to post anything lately. Canada is a great country and we love your maple syrup!


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