December 29, 2014

2015 Book Blog Discussion Post Challenge | Sign-Up

Our New Year's resolution at Crazy for YA is to be better bloggers.

Why so vague? 

This year we have some work to do. There are countless things we need to work on, so trying to put all of our goals into one resolution would be impossible. So, we did not even try. 

You can expect some changes over the next month or so. 

We plan on posting more often, commenting on more blogs, cleaning up the blog, and being more involved in the book blogging community. 

To accomplish this, we want to write more discussion posts. 

We believe that the heart of the blogosphere, and even the whole bookish world, is discussion. The whole reason we started a blog is to communicate with other people who have the same interests. Unfortunately, we are not seeing that much around here. On the bright side, Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight have come up with the perfect solution, a discussion post challenge!

We have not done many discussion posts yet. We dabbled with them during BookBlogWriMo, and our first, real discussion post by Tessa was published a couple weeks ago. The discussion, about the Goodreads Choice Award winners, was one of our most commented posts. We started some great conversations, which is what we want to do with every post.

2015 Discussion Challenge3

The challenge is probably the simplest one that you will find. 

All you have to do is write discussion posts and link them up in the monthly recap posts.

Our goal is to have 13-24 discussion posts next year to achieve the level of Creative Conversationalist.  For those math people out there, that adds up to about 1-2 discussion posts a month. 

My favorite thing about this challenge is the most people who join, the better the challenge will be. So, if you are missing the crazy lovely voices of fellow bloggers in your life, then this should be your challenge for 2015.

Sign-ups are open until December 31st at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. 

Make sure to lick your introduction post to the linky at either Feed Your Fiction Addiction or It Starts at Midnight.

There will be a kick-off post at Feed You Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight on January 1.

The lovely hosts have also promised that there will be monthly giveaways!

To connect with other participants, use #LetsDiscuss2015

We cannot wait to start all kinds of bookish conversations with you!

UPDATE: 12/30/15

Here is the list of all of the discussion posts that I wrote in 2015 for this challenge.


  1. I'm so excited that you're joining us! I can't wait to read your discussion posts throughout the year!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thanks so much for hosting the challenge! We really wanted to work on discussion posts, and now we have a ton of other bloggers to help us with the goal!