December 4, 2015

Blogger Positivity Campaign | Bloggers that I Would Like to Thank

This is a wonderful campaign created and run by the amazing Jillian at Jillian's Books. The goal of this campaign is to spread the positivity in our community since we have all seemed to be in a collective slump. Feel free to join in however you can to spread the love in the book blogging community!

Today I get to talk about some of the bloggers who have inspired me, welcomed me to the community, and who I am very proud to call my friends. 

Nova @ Out of Time

How do I even begin to describe Nova? She is smart, funny, sarcastic, and a little bit crazy (but in the best way possible). She shares my love of Mariana's Trench (the band, not the hole in the ocean). She has the best seasonal Twitter names ever (I mean Snowva is absolute genius). She is never afraid to say what is on her mind, and will not shy away from the topics that other bloggers might hesitate to broach. She posts about the controversial in respectful, yet powerful ways, that have certainly influenced my own blogging. 

More than that, she reached out to me when I was barely even a blogger. I stumbled on to her blog and timidly left a comment, not even expecting a reply. But, I got a reply that sparked a conversation and eventually a friendship. I have been a strong supporter of her blog ever since.

She can do pretty much everything including, but not limited to: book blogging, writing, singing, songwriting, photography, video-making, and graphic designing. You can admit that is pretty impressive. 

She also has a pretty rocking YouTube channel where she shares more of her bookish thoughts. 

Cait @ Paper Fury

I am incredibly thankful for Cait and her dedication to blogging, reading, photography, writing, humor, and just pretty much everything. I have commented on her blog more times that I can count and she has replied back to EVERY SINGLE ONE. I mean, she gets dozens and dozens of comments on every post (she posts at least 3 times a week) and, by some kind of sorcery, she writes kind, thoughtful, and hilarious replies to all of them. Either she is magical or has a lot of clones. 

Her content is extremely original and I cannot even begin to imagine how she has time to be so awesome. She maintains her own Etsy shop with the cutest little book necklaces and she amazing origami that I am convinced is more magic. 

I aspire to be as friendly and dedicated as her with my own blog. 

I met Alex when we were both wee little blogs trying to find our way in this big blogging world of ours. I am extremely proud to say that we have both made an impact on this community of ours.

She was my first regular visitor and commenter, for which I will always be grateful for. Even now, she stops by to remind me why I continue to blog--for the people. Alex was one of the first of many relationships that blogging has made possible for me. 

Nori is the mother of the book blogging community. She is willing to reach out to everyone and make them feel absolutely welcome. Her projects and campaigns are always admirable as well as her dedication to the bloggers of the community. She organizes everything from debut author campaigns to her own blog tour service. I have no idea how she does it, but somehow she manages it all. Everyone knows that if you need anything, just ask Nori. 

Inge & Co @ Bookshelf Reflections

Inge is one of the friendliest bloggers that I have met. She is endlessly optimistic, sarcastic and sassy. She has introduced me to so many books (like Ready Player One, which I very grateful her review convinced me to read). She can relate my inner procrastinator and is not afraid to try and put a smile on your face. 

In addition to her wonderful work on Bookshelf Reflections, Inge also started her own positivity blog, Whimsicality. If you ever need a laugh, a pick-me-up after a bad day, or someone to talk to, Inge has everything you need on her blog. 

All of these bloggers are Tessa-approved and are more than worthy of a follow. I promise that these bloggers do not disappoint. 

Which blogs are you thankful for? 

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