August 1, 2017

The month of coming back (again) | July 2017

Even though summer is on its way out for the year, things are just heating up on the blog. I am finally feeling back into the groove of reading and blogging, even if I am still a tad behind.

I detailed all of the nitty gritty detail about my three-month absence in my earlier post, which you can feel free to read if you want. But, the point is that I am focused on the future of my blog, and I hope you are too. 

What's Up Next?

In the upcoming months, I have quite a few things planned, one of them being actually posting on the blog. I want to revive my book memes of Classic Conversations and Book Battles in the near future. And of course, post more reviews and discussions. Secondly, I want to diversify (literally and metaphorically) the content on my blog. Essentially, I want to start writing about more things (like TV shows, the occasional movie, and some discussions that lean outside of the book universe). I would love to hear any suggestions for non-book related topics you want to see here!

I am also painstakingly attempting to fine-tune my blogging style. The first one you probably did not notice, but it makes a HUGE difference to me. I am trying to make my blog graphics more cohesive and recognizable. 

I am also adding a new feature to the bottom of most of my posts called "Takeaways" as sort of a highlights reel of the post. For me, reading is important not only for the occasional laugh and OTP romance, but also to widen my perspective and learn something new. The true value of literature is not how it makes you feel while reading it, but how the words leave an impression after the book is closed. So, at the bottom of every review, I will recap what impact the book actually ended up having on me, if any. 

Welcome Back!

As it turns out, I was not the only blogger to make a return in the month of July. I would like to take this time to formally welcome back some of my fellow book bloggers who made the long trek back into the blogging realm. 

1. Geraldine @ Corralling Books 

Geraldine has recently made her reunion with the book blogging universe as well. I have been a long time fan of Geraldine and her blog, so I am extremely excited to see her posting again. You can read about her return and future plans here.

2. Nori @ ReadWriteLove28 

Even though most of you probably already know Nori, I am too excited about her homecoming to shut up. Nori has done a lot of wonderful things for the book blogging world, such as starting Sunday Street Team and her infamous #RQWN twitter chats. If you don't know Nori and all her book blogging glory, stop by and see what she has been plotting!

3. Roberta @ Offbeat YA

Due to an unfortunate lack of a TARDIS, Roberta was absent for a couple of weeks on the blog. (But who could really blame her? It is obviously the Doctor's fault for not keeping up with his schedule.) Despite the mini-lapse in posting, she has come back in full force with reviews and even an author interview! Read her tips for inconsistent bloggers and how she plans to stop being one. 

4. Inge, Aly, Anissa, Ella, and Wren @ Of Wonderland

The blogging cohorts at Of Wonderland keeps growing, as well as their abundance of creative posts, thoughtful reviews, and book club discussions. Recently, they renovated their blog with an incredible new design. The only downside was that the blog did not have any new posts while under construction. But I can totally forgive them after seeing their stunning new header and theme. Check out their new look and see what they have planned!

Posts I Loved

I am sorry to say that the part of my blogging life that suffered the most in the last couple of months is blog-hopping. Even in the last couple of weeks I have been more focused on reading and creating my own content than reading others. I am going to do everything in my power to read and comment on more of your posts (feel free to leave links in the comments!). After all, the book blogging universe is more like a community. We make recommendations, share jokes, argue over OTPs, and just endeavor to make the world better together, one book at a time. 

That being said, there was one post by author Chuck Wendig that I HAVE to mention. Chuck's blog is a treasure trove for both writing advice, political perspectives, and humorous interactions. Specifically, I loved his impromptu slasher movie parody on Twitter. You just have to read it. Have to. 

Books I Loved

All Our Wrong TodaysAll Our Wrong Todays
By Elan Mastai
My Review

Fire Falling (Air Awakens, #2)

Fire Falling
By Elise Kova
Air Awakens #2

Things I Loved

1. Imagine Dragon's new album

Books have always been my number one passion, and music has kind of always lived in its shadow. I like to think that I have at least some talent with the written word, but let's just say that I like singing more than people like to listen to me sing. Anyways, I do like music, particularly alternative and pop punk. Since the beginning of my journey into alternative, Imagine Dragons is always at the top of my playlists. I can listen to their albums straight through over and over again without getting bored. On Evolve, I especially like "Walking the Wire" and "Rise". 

2. My new rose gold iPhone 7 (see above)

I know what you are thinking, "The iPhone 8 is coming out really soon, so why get a new phone now, Tessa?" Honestly, I would have been happy with any phone upgrade. My old phone was three years old (thankfully still intact) but completely outdated. I am pretty sure it was outdated when I got it anyway. For instance it only had 8 GB of storage, and 5.5 of those were consumed by the phone's own operating system. I was so desperate for space that I had to delete all of my apps, including Pinterest. Yes, things were that dire. So, I am happy with my new PINK iPhone and its 128 GB of storage, even if it isn't the newest model. 

3. Mud masks

If you are a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, or you just like the occasional relaxation treatment, you must be familiar with the term "treat yo'self". Honestly, if you have never heard those words in your life, start using them. After my rough couple of months, I have learned that taking some time to care for yourself is more important than you will ever realize. Even something as small and silly as a slathering your face with mud can turn an entire day around. Plus, you get to scare your roommate who walks into the room who thinks you are the monster from underneath her bed that came to haunt her. 

What did you love this month? What books blew your mind? Do you know of any other bloggers who recently returned to the community? Are you a fan of "treating yo'self" on occasion? If so, how do you like to pamper yourself? I would love to know how your month was!

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