January 20, 2013

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)
By Jodi Meadows
Review by Max

Ana's a new soul. Now, that might seem normal here, but in a world where the youngest soul (besides Ana, of course) is at least thousands of years old, it's kind of a problem. A big one. Her "dad" is dead, her "mom" hates her guts, and her existence is totally unexplainable. What's a girl to do?
Run away, of course.
As soon as Ana's old enough, she leaves for the Heart, to find anything she can about her own existence and another soul's, Ciana's, disappearance.
Instead, she finds something else. A person something. A boy something. Sam.
And, of course, complications arise. Including the fact that he's like a million years old (almost literally) except in body, and she's seventeen.

Look at the cover on this book! Behold its gorgeousness Butterflies are just gorgeous, and though they didn't seem very important to the plot, they were at least mentioned a lot. I like butterflies, by the way.

Sam, the main character Ana's love interest, had to have been my favorite part of the book (besides the butterflies). He was sweet, musical, conflicted, most of the time, angsty, and shy and clumsy, and just so freaking adorable. It was great.

At first, I didn't really like this book because all Ana did, really, was complain about her existence. She grew a lot as a character, though, and for that, I like her. The plot was cool, and the world building was a little confusing and creepy, but totally beautiful and amazing at the same time. It was very romantic, very philosophical, and filled with futuristic magic like sylph and dragons and reincarnation, of course.

I quite liked this book. Thumbs up to you, Jodi Meadows, and thumbs up to whoever else will read this book.

Fly on,

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