March 20, 2013

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Hey everybody!  Cassia here!  Here's another review, but Max and I did it together.  We did it in the spirit of March. ;)

The Lucky One  by Nicholas Sparks

US Marine Logan Thibault isn’t lucky. In fact, he’s anything but. But when he finds an unclaimed picture in the sand on his third tour in Iraq, suddenly, his luck turns around. He’s winning poker games, and most of all, surviving deadly contact that some of his friends don’t.  When he’s back home in Colorado, however, he just can’t settle. He can’t figure out a way to get the picture-and the woman in it-out of his mind. So he does the only thing he thinks he can: he’s going to go find her, and thank her for the luck.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

As predicted, Thibault runs into some problems. First, he doesn’t know where to find her, how to get there, and mainly, who she even is. His next problem is a little bigger. How does he explain himself without sounding like a lunatic?                                                                                                                      

His biggest problem is one he definitely didn’t expect. What happens if they fall in love?   

This is a girl book.  You know, romance, kissing, blah blah blah.  But, if you’re a romantic like I am, you’ll love it!  (Hint: Boys, don’t read it.)  I knew this book was a movie, so I don’t know about that, but if it’s ¼ as good as the book, it’s amazing!  A lot of good books usually have at least one character with A Past.  In this book, it’s Thibault.  It is not pronounce thigh-bolt.  It’s French, so it’s pronounced t-bow.  I made the same mistake, but--thank you, Mr. Sparks!--a character corrects another character about it’s pronunciation in the first chapter.  Now, when I say A Past, I mean some huge secret that the reader knows and that character knows, but no other character knows it.  Sparks intricately weaves in Thibault’s Past into the book with flashbacks, and sometimes teasing the reader to keep them reading, and makes it blend well with the plot.  Filled to the covers with heartbreaking romance, drama, and luck, Sparks wraps it all up at the end with a finale that will have readers sobbing.
We give it four stars!
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