April 3, 2013

Double Reaction | Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers!!!

Hello everybody!  As just about everyone who reads knows, Clockwork Princess came out on March 19th, 2013.  I had it the day it came out. :D  Anyway, I thought I would post my reaction. And then Tessa butted in and put in her reaction right before I posted it, but that's okay. Now you get both of our reactions!  We will try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible but any spoilers will be in a really light tan color so you can't see it well unless you really look.

The ending: 
Cassia: Ahhhhhh!!!!  Bittersweet, that's for sure.  So, you know those authors that like to lay out the characters' lives together in the epilogue?  Cassandra Clare does it.  I liked it, and it was hilarious at times, but I kind of wished I could just imagine it for myself.  Oh, and of course she just had to describe Will's death.  It was sweet, but it upset me. 
Overall, I loved it.
I HATED the epilogue!!! The book was just fine without it. I would advise anyone who likes Will to
avoid the epilogue.

The writing: 
Cassia: Cassandra Clare is at her best with this book: incredible imagery with sometimes painful detail, figurative language that I absolutely loved, and of course, lots and lots of romance and emotions.  She made me feel everything and demanded all my attention.  Very well-written.
I agree.

The plot: 
Cassia: Twists and turns, surprises and thrills.  It's what kept me turning pages, hungry for more.  Even though I was satisfied with the ending, I still want her to write another book in this series.
I personally think that the plot was kinda predictable.  I mean everyone knew Tessa was going to get kidnapped my Mortmain and who was going to save her.

The characters: 
Cassia: Umm, I'm Team Will.  Yeah, it's sad with Jem and everything, but sorry, I like Will better.  I like Tessa a lot more than Clary, especially her passion for books, her knowledge of the power of words, and her willingness to sacrifice everything and anything for those she loves.  I do like Jem, with his music and unlimited kindness.  But I like Will more, with his horrible poetry, made-up songs, love of books and words, his knowledge of the power of words (like Tessa), and his own words.  You'll only get this if you've read Clockwork Prince, but...demon pox!
I am definitely on Team Will. Jem is nice and all, but he was DYING!!! No one knew if he was even going to survive the night. On a lighter note, my favorite Will moment would have to be the ducks.
Cassia: ME TOO TESSA!!!!

So, there's our reaction.  Not a review, that's Tessa's job only.  (Not Tessa Gray.  Our Tessa.)  Actually Tessa just finished it, Max has my copy right now, and we're playing pass the book.  Happy reading!
Goodbye for now,

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