March 1, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

We were nominated by Georgia May @ TeenBookHoots for The Versatile Blogger Award!
Thanks Georgia May!

This award was created by bloggers to recognize quality and unique writing, creative content, attractive graphics and designs, and connection with readers. To say the least, it is one of the best blogger-nominated awards out there!

Rules of Versatile Blogger Award:

 1. Nominate other bloggers relatively new to blogging or you regularly follow.
 2. Let the bloggers know that you've nominated them.
 3. Share 10 random facts about yourself.
 4. Thank the blogger who nominated you either by leaving a comment or following them and link back to their blog.
 5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

Random Facts

1. I am currently obsessed with Netflix, which has led to me binge watching Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and The Office.
2. I really enjoy journalism.
3. I have two puppies, a jug (a mix between a Jack Russel and a pug) and a Pekingese. 
4. I have been blogging on and off for two years now.
5. I also like to make jewelry, especially bracelets.
6. Tennis is my favorite sport.
7. I am always cold, no matter how many blankets I bury myself in. 
8. I am a procrastinator.
9. I am a moody mood reader (which is not a good combination).
10. Blogging is one of my favorite things in the world!

I nominate...

Lauren @ A Blonde Librarian


  1. Binge-watching Doctor Who, because is there anything better? :D

  2. Aaaw thank you so much for nominating me. I will try and get this done asap but can't promise when because I am crazy busy!! Really appreciate you thinking of me though. Thank You!!!!


    1. No problem, I understand! We are all quite busy. I cannot wait to see your answers though!