March 8, 2015

Trailer Talk | Insurgent

Clearly I am not Dauntless, because I am a little late with jumping on the Insurgent train.

I just saw the final trailer today, and I am wary of how the movie is going to play out. I enjoyed the Divergent movie. It could have been better, and it could have been worse. Since it is one of my favorite books, I was very critical of the film, and it did not live up to my expectations.

So, I am hoping that Insurgent can make up for that.

If you have not seen a trailer yet, here is the final one for Insurgent.

I am going to be a Candor here and tell you how I really feel.... I did not really like the trailer. 

The background music was inspiring and all, but I am not an Amity that can be distracted by pretty music. 

There are definitely scenes in the trailer that I do not remember reading about.

Why were there so many explosions? I do not remember so many explosions, or a floating house! Did I miss that part of the book? I do not want their to be fake action added to the movie just for the sake of adding "suspense." In my opinion, if it did not happen in the book, it should not happen in the movie. I am alright with scenes and some characters (except for Uriah, that is not okay, although there are rumors that he is going to be in Insurgent) being cut, but scenes being added is crossing the line. 

The trailer also highlighted awkward moments. I mean, running through woods and close-ups of characters that I do not recognize are not important to the story. Trailers are really like the blurbs on the inside of book covers, but for movies. They should summarize the story and draw the reader in. Nothing is really explained. If you did not read the book, this trailer would just confuse you. Even though I read the book multiple times, I was slightly confused with what going on in the trailer.

I feel like they are going to exaggerate the romance, like they did in Divergent. For some reason, Hollywood thinks that all teenage girls want is romance. They would all be kicked out of Candor in a millisecond, because that could not be farther from the truth. We are not all hormone-crazed fangirls who are dying to see Theo James without his shirt on (even though it would be nice). I believe that the plot is more important than the romance. Action, suspense, and mystery are more important. 

On the other hand, I like how they are including the secondary characters like Caleb and Peter. They both play important parts in the rest of the series, so I am glad that they are both building their character (or lack thereof) for the last movie. 

At first, I did not recognize Johanna. I had to ask Google, and she is apparently in the trailer. She does not look at all like I imagined. Where did her scar go? The scar is her defining characteristic, at least to me. Regardless, she is a major part of this book and I hope she gets her share of the spotlight in the movie. 

I would hate to see Insurgent turned into an over-dramatic and unrealistic (and not even close to the book) adaptation along the lines of the Percy Jackson movies. 

I do have my qualms with the trailer, but I am still excited to see Insurgent when it hits theaters on March 20th.

Are you planning on seeing Insurgent? What did you think about the Divergent movie? Do you have any problems with the trailer?


  1. Yeah... I'm really worried about Insurgent. I just don't like how they are adapting the movies (which is funny because I took a class on that), but it's just not at all how I envisioned them. The first one was good, but just so different and this one looks like it will be very different.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    1. There is a quote that I really like about book-to-movie adaptions:

      "The truth is that I know very few novelists who have been satisfied with the adaptation of their books for the screen." -Gabriel Garcia Marquez

      I feel like directors are veering off the course of books to try to make them more appealing to everyone by adding more violence, explosions, and romance. But, they just end up making the original fans of the book extremely angry. And believe me, you do not want to mess with fangirls and book bloggers.

  2. What surprised me the most was that most of the clips in the trailer had nothing to do with the book! Insurgent is one of my all time favorite books in the series and I even bought the Collector's Edition to feed my addiction! I remember reading it just a few months ago and the book is like the back of my hand. The trailer just seemed to portray Tris has this girl who didn't need anyone to tell her what to do and she was all grown up by herself. I don't think it reflects what the book was saying about trying to find herself and she is also vulnerable as well. I hope the movie will come out great even though I bought early tickets because I absolutely love the book. You're damn awesome Tessa and thank you for this wonderful post! I needed to let off some steam about this trailer. I'm erudite btw (evil!).

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. I am really angry with this trailer too! I could not recognize any characters and most of the video was people running through the woods. That tells you nothing about the book! I hope the movie ends up being a lot better than the trailer.
      I am glad that we could let off some steam together!

  3. I haven't seen any of the movies yet, and I don't know why - I definitely need to catch up before Insurgent comes out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I did like the Divergent movie, even though it had it's own little quirks. I would recommend it if you liked the books.

  4. I DON'T LIKE IT. Half of the trailer scenes did NOT happen in the book. I am NOT okay with this. At all.

    1. I am not either. Most of the trailer was just people running all over the place and random explosions that I do not remember happening in the book. I loved these books, so I really hope that the movie is a LOT better than this trailer.