May 18, 2015

Extraordinary Means Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Christina @ Christina Reads YA to do the Extraordinary Means Tag, which was created by Robin Schneider over on YouTube. By the way, she is the author of The Beginning of Everything, which I just added to my TBR and most recently, Extraordinary Means (I wonder where the title for this tag came from...).

Brace yourself. You are now going to find out how far I will really go for my favorite books. 

1. I would give up the Internet for one month for a signed first edition of this book...

I have two answers to this question.

a. Some part of me would ask for something like 1984 by George Orwell just because a signed first edition has sold for over $25,000. Imagine how many books I could buy with that! And honestly, it is probably going to take at least $25,000 to keep me away from the Internet with all of its wonderful distractions and amazing people (yes, I am talking about you) for an entire month.

b. But, I would really ask for a first edition signed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. I constantly rave about Harry Potter, so this should not be a surprise. But I promise that this is the only time I will mention it in this post! I would definitely be willing to give up the Internet to have a book signed by one of my favorite authors, who inspired my childhood, got me into reading, and guides my writing even to this day.

2. I would give up pizza for a whole year if I could sit next to this author on a long plane ride...

John Green. John Green. John Green. 

I have always wanted to have a conversation with him, and what better place than on an airplane where he literally cannot escape unless he wants to jump off into the clouds. He will be subjected to all of my questions and ranting about all of the lovely characters that he so maliciously killed. 

So that you can understand the gravity of this situation, I will explain my amorous relationship with pizza. Pizza is my fall-back food. If I cannot think of anything else to eat or have friends coming over, or going out somewhere, pizza is on the menu. So, I end up eating it at least twice a week. So, for those of you who did not like to do math, I will be giving up at least 104 meals for the sake of having a conversation with John Green. 

3. I would sit through a thousand hours of commercials if it were to ensure that Hollywood made this book into a movie...

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

I think the drama, world-building, and beautiful magic in this book would be really cool to see on the big screen. BUT, I would have to be in charge of all of the casting and directing and such, just to make sure that it is done correctly and does the book justice. 

4. I would never read a new book again if it meant I could live inside this book...

The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Ever since I read The Lightning Thief in sixth grade, I have wanted to be a halfblood. I had everything planned out. I would be a daughter of Athena, and I would be best friends with Annabeth, and therefore, Percy. We would go on all kinds of mythical adventures. Annabeth and Percy would get into trouble, something like getting stuck in Tartus or something terrible like that, and I would be the one to rescue them. I would fall in love with another halfblood and live happily ever after (until the next god decided to cause a problem and I had to save the world again). 

5. I would let my Google history be made public if it meant I could be best friends with this author...

Victoria Schwab (also known as V.E. Schwab)

I have loved all of her books that I have read so far (The Archived, The Unbound, and A Darker Shade of Magic). They are all so unique, sacrastic, and just totally magnificent. So, by default, Victoria herself is also magnificent. This is proven by her hilarious, interesting, and sometimes meaningful tweets. 

I also feel like we would be great friends. We both like to obsess over books, write until we cannot feel our fingers, and eat all of the cake. That is definitely enough to start a friendship. 

6. I would donate everything I own to Goodwill if it meant I could date this book character in real life...

Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices. 

On one or two (or three hundred thousand) occasions, I have mentioned (rambled) about my love (obsession) for Will Herondale. I would gladly give up everything to date him. He is the classic misunderstood YA "bad boy." He pretends to not care about everything, when he is really just trying to keep others from getting hurt. He acts like an arrogant snob (which he kind of is) when he really wants to just laugh, smile, and act like a normal person. 

Just one example of his amazingness.

“Are you implying that shreds of my reputation remain intact?" Will demanded with mock horror.     
"Clearly I have been doing something wrong. Or not something wrong, as the case may be." 
He banged on the side of the carriage. "Thomas! We must away at once to the nearest brothel. I seek scandal and low companionship.” 
   -Will Herondale, Clockwork Angel

I love his sarcasm, confidence, and determination. He is smart, hilarious, and one of the most attractive book characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. 

Best of all, HE LOVES TO READ!

“It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.” 
    -Will Herondale

Also, even if I had to give everything I own away, I could live with him in the London Institute and learn how to be a Shadowhunter. It is a win-win situation. 

Now that I have poured out my bookish soul for you, I want to know YOUR answers!

I tag...

Claire @ Cover to Cover
Georgia @ The Books Bandit
And anyone else who wants to accept the challenge!

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