August 24, 2015

Organizing my Priorities (But Not Quitting)

There comes a time in your life where you realize that you just simply cannot do everything. Most of the time, this realization comes with a fair amount of anger, regret, more anger, sobbing, and chocolate to compensate for the bitterness in life. 

I have had this moment several times now, and I have still refused to succumb to those ugly emotions (but I have caved in to the chocolate). Most recently, in the face of the returning back to my studies and sports (yes, I am somewhat athletic, surprise!), and my copious amounts of miscellaneous activities, I have decided to fight the seemingly inevitable breakdown. I am going to organize my priorities, starting with my blog and online presence.

Do not worry, I am not going to be completely gone. But since I cannot seem to find my Time-Turner and the Tardis is still a while away, I am going to have to find time somewhere else.

Being totally honest, time management is not one of my talents. I have a theory that no one has this talent. It is just not natural to do things as soon as you can. No, I am a huge fan of procrastination and waiting until the absolute last possible minute. Apparently, this is not a recommended way to live. I will admit that there have been a few close calls, but I have always gotten through. But I think that my luck is about to run out.

So, I have been scrutinizing how I spend my time and their order of importance. I have slowly figured out things that I can eliminate from my daily life in order to keep my sanity.

Most of the time I plan on gaining is going to come from my exploits on social media. I spend an embarrassing amount of time mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter. Unfortunately, that time is going to have to dramatically decrease.

Even though my reading life as already been suffering this year (as shown by my completely botched Goodreads challenge), I have to really regulate how much time I set aside for reading. Instead of devoting daily amounts of time specifically for reading, I am going to have to squeeze in a couple of pages whenever I can. This will probably lead to a less reviews on the blog. 

I am also sad to say that the amount of time that I spend browsing other blogs is going to have to decrease to only the weekends, and if I am lucky, late night on weekdays. I will still be around leaving comment essays, but not as often. 

If you have noticed, I have tried to set up a schedule over the summer of posting every other day on the blog. But that was the summer and I had almost unlimited time. Now, my time is going to be extremely limited. The schedule is probably going to have to move to two or maybe three posts a week. 

There will be no more hour-long Twitter chats and posting everyday is completely out of the picture.

I really hope that you guys will continue to support me as I try to figure everything out. I promise that I will still be here if you need me. Just shoot me and email, DM me on twitter or leave a comment. I will not disappear, just not be here as often as I would like. 

Also, I would like to thank every single one of you for the help, support, and cheer that you have already given. You have given my infinite joy just by clicking on my humble space of the Internet.

Do you have any time management tips? Have you ever needed to organize your priorities? Any words of wisdom before I slowly descend into a frenzy of busyness? 

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