December 11, 2012

Review | Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Hey everybody!  Cassia here!  Here's my review of Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr.

WARNING:  Fragile Eternity is the third book in the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.  If you have not read the first two books, I highly recommend that you stop reading NOW.  Thank you!


Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Seth wants to be with Aislinn forever.  Except he’s mortal, and she’s an immortal faery queen.  But Keenan is willing to fight for Aislinn’s heart, and wants Seth out of his way.  He is convinced that for the Summer Court to be at it’s most powerful, it needs to have two monarchs that love each other.  Seth will also do anything for Aislinn.  Including risking his life to be with her . . .

By now, Aislinn is the Summer Queen, Keenan is the Summer King, Niall is the Dark King, and Donia is the Winter Queen.  This book mainly focuses on Aislinn and Seth, and Keenan and Donia.  So for you Niall, Iri, Leslie, and Dark Court lovers, sorry!  If I had it my way, the whole series would be just about them.  The main conflict in this book is Seth trying to find a way to be with Aislinn forever, and nobody helping him.  Niall is in the book, but only for certain parts.  When he is, you see why Iri made him king.  Keenan wants more.  He isn't happy with Aislinn just being his queen.  And Donia isn't very happy about it.  There's definitely a lot of drama between them.  You get Seth's POV, which made me EXTREMELY happy.  It lets you into his thoughts, his past, and parts of his personality that weren't noticeable before.  This boom is a great follow up to the first two books, and is actually the sequel to Wicked Lovely.  Ink Exchange is really a companion book to the first book, so Fragile Eternity is the real sequel.  While Ink Exchange was dark, this book goes back to Aislinn and the Summer Court.  Oh, and you also meet Sorcha, the High Queen.  Yes, there is another court.  The High Court resides in the realm of Faery, which is different from the mortal world, and bends completely to Sorcha's will.  They are the opposite of the Dark Court, Order.  Bananach is also in the book, and she is the opposite of Sorcha.  (Marr explains it a lot better, trust me.). Overall, this book does not disappoint.
Five stars!
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