December 8, 2012

Review | The Faerie Path by Allan Frewin Jones

The Faerie Path

The Faerie Path.jpgAuthor: Allan Frewin Jones
Series: Faerie Path #1
Release Date: February 1, 2007
Pages: 312
Review by: Tessa

"Faeries tread the Faerie Path
Amber trapped though moth wing light they be
Mortals stay in mortal world
Iron clad with half blind eyes they see
One alone will walk both worlds
Daughter last of daughters seven
With her true love by her side
Honest hand and true love given"

       Anita is just about to turn sixteen and everything is (finally) going the way she wants. She has a wonderful boyfriend, Evan, and she is Juliet in her school play in which Evan just happens to be Romeo. Her luck turns when she ends up in the hospital the day before her birthday because of a boating accident. Evan is in the hospital too and will not wake up. A mysterious person wakes her up at night and beckons her to him. He leads her into the land of Faery and her true identity. She is Tania, the seventh princess of Faery. There she discovers that she has been stuck in the Mortal Realm for over 500 years and the whole Faery Realm has been mourning her disappearance ever since. When the seemingly innocent show their true colors, it is up to Tania to save her new home.

       (This second paragraph doesn't at all relate to the book, so you are welcome to skip over it.) I would like to educate the general public about something very close to my heart; the word faerie. Yes, this is the correct way to spell faerie. You can also spell it like faery. So the plural would be faeries. You can also refer to them as The Fey. DO NOT use fairy. That is a disgrace to wonderful, elegant creatures. If you don't believe me, look in the dictionary, I guarantee they will be there.
       Now, on to what I thought of the book. I like the general idea of a lost princess returning to her suffering kingdom. I think the book had more potential. The villains were too easy to pick out, but the book did hold some surprises for me. I liked that Anita and Tania are anagrams, I think that was very clever. I also liked Tania's sisters because they seemed to have a strong bond that even 500 years apart could not break.
      I would give this book 4 stars.

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