December 23, 2012

Review | Wings by Aprilynne Pike


Author: Aprilynne Pike
Series:  Wings #1
Release Date: May 5, 2009
Pages: 290
Review by: Tessa

       Laurel is a faerie.
       She does not know this until a huge flower sprouts out of her back, but she has always been a little bit weird. She is a vegan, she does not have to wash her hair, and she was dumped on her parents' porch in a basket as a baby. But she never expected to be this weird.
       Laurel just started public school after being homeschooled in a small town for all of her life. The first person she happens to meet is a boy, who to no one's surprise turns out to be the love interest. He, David, just happens to be a science nerd and knows everything about biology. David tries to help Laurel with her "problem". Apparently, bonding over mutant flowers growing out of your body is an excellent way to start a relationship.
      But then Laurel meets a male faerie, and another YA love triangle is born. She is torn between the sweet, endearing, and human David and the former lover and one of her own kind. While all this is happening, trolls are planning the downfall of the human (and faerie) world. Of course, it is up to Laurel to thwart their plans.

       I really liked this book, but really liking is not the same as loving. I am a sucker for anything that involves faeries. I love how Pike created a young adult book from the traditional legends of faeries. I felt as if a new legend was unfolding during the story.
      The mix of the faerie world and a regular high school did not mesh well. The book felt like it was split into two different stories. Also, I think Laurel accepts that she is a faerie too quickly. If I woke up with a huge flower growing out of my back, I would scream and probably faint, not go into my bathroom and start poking it. I don't understand how you can hide a flower growing out of your back, especially in high school. But I there were some scenes that I really enjoyed, like the river scene (you will understand when you read the book).

       I give this book 3.5 stars.



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