December 1, 2012

Everlasting by Angie Frazier

Hey everyone!  Cassia here!  Yes, I did read it Max.  I just finished it last night.  Ha.  For you viewers, I’m not sure if she’ll post it on here or not, just to let you know.  Oh, also:  I have a brand new awesome feature!!!  But here’s the catch.  Max won’t let me do it till we get more viewers.  So . . .tell your friends!  Siblings!  Librarian!  Basically anyone who’s a bookworm or loves YA.  Please!  Thank you!  Here’s my review of Everlasting by Angie Frazier.

Camille Rowen loves the sea.  She’s always sailed on her father’s ship with him ever since her mother died.  That’s all she ever wants.  But in 1855 San Francisco, and being a lady, she’s not supposed to want that.  But she does.  Her father wants her to marry a man who is sweet and caring, everything she could want . . .but doesn’t love.  As much as Camille loves her father, she doesn’t think she can do it.  Camille climbs aboard her father’s ship for the last time.  When a storm sinks the ship, Camille, first mate Oscar, and an obnoxious sailor are the only survivors.  Now without any parents at all, Camille hears of a magical stone that can bring people back from the dead . . .can it bring her father back?

If I like a book enough, it becomes one of my favorites.   If I like a book even more, it becomes one of my favorites of my favorites.  If I love a book and I would read it again and again and again, I will buy myself a copy.  Everlasting and its sequel The Eternal Sea are some of the books that I would buy.  (Also on that list are the Wicked Lovely series, the Hush, Hush series, The Infernal Devices, and the Revenants series.)  This book is really REALLY good.  It has plot twists, amazing characters, and a pretty cool legend.  As for genre, this is one of those books that has crosses of different genres.  I think it’s a historical-fantasy-romance-adventure.  Don’t let the romance part scare you away, though.  The romance isn’t real intense, but there is some.

On to the characters!  First of all we have our protagonist Camille Rowen.  Camille is not the best person, but I really do like her.  In the second book, you’ll see what I mean.  Wait, correction.  Nobody’s perfect.  Camille just makes small mistakes.  A lot of the decisions she makes I have no idea why she does them, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.  As far as book characters go, she is one of the best.  Then we have Randall.  Randall is the man Camille is supposed to marry, but that’s kinda put to the side when the ship wrecks.  He’s sweet, loving, caring, and really does love Camille.  But she doesn’t love him.  Not that he knows that.  Then there’s handsome first mate Oscar.  Oscar is strong, caring, and has a temper.  I’m not going to say anything else about him, to avoid spoilers.  Finally, you also meet Ira Beam.  (Yes, that is his full name, not a nickname.)  Ira has a lot of humor, even when it seems like there’s no hope.  In this book you don’t really see who he really is, but it’s hard not to like him.  Over the course of the book, he comes to care about Camille and Oscar.

This book really shows what it’s like to love someone, but when they’re gone, you have to let them go.

Five stars!
Goodbye for now,

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