June 17, 2014

Our Progress with Social Media

Recently, we have taken to blogging again. And we have realized that blogging is now a lot more than simply posting reviews. We put our hearts into every post we write, and we want them to be recognized. So, we started our adventures with social media. We are not complete strangers to the realm of social media, but we have only used it for personal reasons (mostly sharing book-related humor that makes our friends question why they put up with us). But now we are using it to spread the word about our blog and interact with our wonderful followers (yes, that is you). The fun started with the cute little buttons on the sidebar. They are, in order, links for our Facebook, Pinterest, and email accounts. Use these links anytime you want.
To start, we *cough* Tessa *cough* made a Facebook page for the blog. We will regularly be posting our reviews on the page and many other surprises for our loyal readers.

Also, Max started a Pinterest account for the blog. Max and I just discovered the wonders of this addictive social media. It is the hidden gem of the Internet. Basically, pictures are taken from websites and "pinned" to virtual corkboards to be saved for later. The best part is scrolling through other people's boards and seeing what they have (its less creepy than it sounds).We will be posting our reviews and other book-related humor on that account.

We did not start this to publicize our blog, but to interact with our readers. If you have any social media, message us with your account and we will make sure to follow you.

Thanks and wish us good luck,


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