April 21, 2015

Discussion | The Season of Book Festivals is Upon Us

Lately, all of my social media feeds have been flooded with tweets, pictures, and comments about the latest and greatest book conventions. Unfortunately, driving over one thousand miles is not possible for me right now, but I still love to live vicariously through all of the exciting posts (I like to pretend that I actually have a life sometimes).

Here are the top bookish conferences that I have heard about in the last month.

Not until May 27-29 at Javits Center, New York City
This convention is still worth mentioning because it is kind of the biggest book exposition in North America. Even though I cannot attend (stupid finals), I want to do a wrap-up/coverage type of post for everyone else who cannot attend.
Right now, I know that there will be various author eat-ins, autograph opportunities, and author stages.

May 30-31 at Javits Center, New York City 
Another upcoming book convention in New York. It seems like everything happens there. The exhibitor list is not up yet, but there are high expectations considering almost every popular publisher was there last year, including HarperCollins, Macmillan, Scholastic, and Penguin Random House. (There have also been rumors of John Green being there to celebrate the Paper Towns movie.) A list of guest authors can be found here (including Mindy Kipling, Rainbow Rowell, Colleen Hoover, Alexandra Bracken, and Christina Riccio, my favorite Booktuber!)
You can explore everything they have to offer and plan your own schedule here. 

April 11 and 12 in Santa Monica
The list of authors included Marie Lu, Veronica Roth, Shannon Hale, E. Lockhart, Lauren Oliver, and a ton of other best-selling and local artists.
The schedule included a ton of amazing speakers hosting panels, signings and other awesome YA extravagance.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
April 18 and 19 at the University of South California
The (very long) list of performers and authors included Leigh Bardugo, Pseudonymous Bosch (I was not sure that he is a real person...), David Leviathan, and Aisha Saeed. 
Anything else you want to know about this festival can be found in this online booklet.

Texas Library Association Event
April 14-17 at the Austin Convention Center
This was an event for librarians and other people who work in public book distribution. But, it still seems as interesting as the other conventions. I mean, imagine how many great book recommendations you can get from a room full of librarians!

North Texas Teen Book Festival
March 7 in Irving Texas
Another great event for Texas! (Too bad I live nowhere near it). This event included a massive amount of signings, author panels, and speed book dating.

Have you had any book festival adventures lately? Did I miss any events? How many of you are going to BEA? I would love to hear your stories!

I also made a Storify to go along with this discussion and show the excitement of these festivals properly. 

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