April 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Characters I Want to Stalk

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by wonderful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish. 

No one wants to leave their favorite book characters. We re-read books to try to reconnect with them, but we always want more. At some point, searching the Internet for fan-fiction and compulsively checking author's websites for the hint of another book will not satisfy the craving. And that is when the stalking starts. 

These are the top characters that I wish that I could stalk after their story ends.

*Warning* There will be spoilers for some of the characters. Feel free to skip over the books you have not read.


Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars

I really want to know what Hazel ends up doing with her life. She is so talented, smart, and humorous. I want to know what job she went for, what she majored in college and all of the other random, mundane events in her life. 

I also want to know how her treatment is going. When I read the book, I had a bad feeling that she would not survive long after Gus...

Hermione, Ron, and Luna from the Harry Potter Series

These characters were staples of my childhood, so of course I need to know what happened to them. I honestly cannot imagine Luna doing anything serious with her life, but if I had to guess, she is probably the new editor in chief of The Quibbler. 

I also need to know how Ron and Hermione are doing. They must still be having great adventures, especially since they are both such talented wizards.

Gale, Annie, and Johanna from The Hunger Games series

I was not satisified with the epilogue of this series. The only thing that was established that Katniss ended up with Peeta. I could not care less about that. I really want to know how they got out of the mess of a government that they created. 

I also want to know what happened to Annie. I could really relate to her and I want to see her side of the Hunger Games. I have a hunch that she became really good friends with Johanna, and I would have loved to see that. 

Lana from the Delirium series

This series did not have an end, it had a cliffhanger. Almost nothing was resolved, including the government situation, romances, and numerous other issues.

I want to know how the government built itself up again. I also would like to FINALLY know if Lana choose Alex or Julian (I think we both know which one is more important).

Mara and Noah from the Mara Dyer series

On the other hand, the only thing that was resolved in this book was the romantic situation. The whole mystery with Mara and Noah's past was completely unresolved and I felt more confused at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. I have no idea where the characters went after the story ended or what they wanted to accomplish with their lives. 

I want to know where they got the powers, how, why and what they are going to do with them.

I also want more cute Noah and Mara moments.

Cassie from The Naturals series

This is one of my favorite series. There are currently two books, and there are rumors of a third one in the works.

I am anxious to know what is going to happen between Cassie, Dean, and Michael. I want to know how their training is going know that their agent lives in the house. 

I miss the amazingly mind-twisting mysteries and action.

Bitterblue and Sapphire from the Graceling series

This is another one of those books that did not have a satisfying ending. (If you have not noticed, I really do not like books with open endings). 

I want to know how Bitterblue copes with being Queen. I want to hear all about Sapphire's adventures in the other land. I also want to see the reunion when Sapphire inevitably comes back to Bitterblue (just let me dream for a little while). 

The world-building is so strong in this series that I just want to know EVERYTHING about what happens after the story.


Alina, Mal, and Nikolai from The Grisha series

This series was a surprise favorite of mine, and while I really, really liked the ending of Ruin and Rising, the last book in the trilogy, I would love to see more of the characters. Mostly, though, I would love love love to see more of the world, it was created so beautifully. It's definitely not a series for everyone, though.

Ruby and Liam from the Darkest Minds series

I absolutely adored this trilogy, especially the characters. I feel like Ruby and Liam, and the rest of their gang, like Chubs and Vida, are bound to have a million more adventures, and I just really want to read about them. Please.

Penryn from Angelfall by Susan Ee

Okay, so the reason I want to read more about this world and Penryn as a character is because I know there's a second book, World After, that I haven't read yet. AND I JUST REALLY WANT IT because Angelfall had a crazy ending and lots of things happened and I just want to know if everyone turns out to be alright.

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