April 3, 2015

Trailer Talk | Paper Towns

I will be completely honest with you-- I did not finish Paper Towns when I read it. In fact, I still have not finished it. 

Paper Towns is different than other John Green books. I had several issues with it, including that Q was whiny and had no motivation to do anything but find Margo. It felt flat compared to all of the other wonderful John Green books that I have read.
BUT, the Paper Towns movie trailer has convinced me to give the book another shot. 

The Paper Towns movie trailer is one of the best I have seen all year. 

I loved the Fault in Our Stars movie, and I know that Paper Towns will be made just as well.

I love most of the actors who were cast for this movie. Halston Sage is going to be a perfect Lindsey and Justice Smith will be able to pull off Radar's quirky character. At first I was wary of a model playing a role in a John Green movie, but I think Cara might just be able to pull it off. She has the aloof and standoffish attitude that Margo had in the book.

One thing that I am nervous about is Nat Wolf playing another main character in a John Green movie adaptation. In some part of my mind, he will always be the boy from the Naked Brothers Band. It is hard to forget the role that he played in that show, especially since I used to watch it all of the time. I also still think of him as Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars. He was amazing as Isaac. Not many people can pull of being a sarcastic blind friend. I just hope that he will not end up playing Pudge in the Looking for Alaska movie. 

The main reason that I did not finish the book is because of how Q and Margo were portrayed. To me, it was just a story of a hopeless boy stupidly pining after an unattainable girl. I hated how Q's only focus was finding Margo, not graduating, college, or any other normal thoughts. Margo was the epitome of the maniac pixie dream girl. I never saw her as a character, just as the stereotype.

But, the trailer really brought the characters to life, and I understand them now. Seeing the characters as real actors showed me that Margo and Q could be real people, if I envisioned them in the right roles. Nat and Cara made Q and Margo real in a way that I did not get in the book.

There are a ton of similarities to The Fault in Our Stars movie too, which is a good thing. The emotional voiceovers, uplifting music, and rollercoaster of feelings were all in The Fault in Our Stars movie. 

Since I still believe that watching the movie before reading the book is the highest form of literary treason, I will have to give Paper Towns another shot before the movie releases on July 24. 

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the movie? Have you read Paper Towns? What are your worries for the movie? 

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