June 17, 2015

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to the amazing Ellie @ Elles Belles Bookshelf for nominating us for the Beautiful Blogger Award! We are honored that you choose to think of us for such a reward!

The Rules:

1. Link to the blogger who nominated you (see above).
2. List 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 7 creative, beautiful bloggers.

Random Facts:

1. I am a closet writer. Mostly of non-fiction, like journalism (yep I am a news nerd), but I have also been thinking about experimenting in fiction (like everything else). But, I like my sanity (and I am a little bit lacking in the writing self-esteem part of my soul).

2. I have lost track of how many reading slumps that I have fallen into.

3. Besides English, social studies (or history) is my favorite subject in school. I really like telling and listening to stories, and that is really what history is--the story of all of us. I also really like learning how the world has evolved, grown, and digressed.

4. I really like to paint my nails. Currently, my fingers are rocking gray with a purple polka-dotted accent nail. My toes are the most beautiful pacific blue.

5. I am a perfectionist. If something is wrong, out of place, or just does not look right, I have to fix it. This happens with the blog, my writing, and pretty much everything else in my life (except for my closet, which is a complete mess that I cannot even begin to tackle).

6. Fall is my favorite season. It is when everything starts: school, TV shows, sports, etc. Also, it is like nature's last minute beauty pageant to display itself before the grueling and colorless winter.

7. I have tried and failed to learn how to play the piano many times. Now, I have just accepted that the universe does not want me to get within five feet of any musical instrument.

I hope you enjoyed my random facts about me. Maybe you learned something, or maybe you just realized how crazy I really am, regardless, I hope you liked it.

I nominate:*

Erica and Christy @ Novel Ink
Nova @ Out of Time

*I am cheating a little bit with the nominate 7 bloggers rule. There are so many amazing, talented, awesome, marvelous, (insert compliment here), and most of all, BEAUTIFUL, bloggers that I cannot list everyone. So, I am keeping it to three. 

But, that does not mean that you are not appreciated. Everyone of you, regardless if you blog or are just an innocent reader, is amazing.

Thanks for the recognition, Ellie!

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