June 25, 2015

Crazy for Summer Readathon | Guess Who

I love young adult books. I have a soft spot for fantasy books and bad boys. I blog at Crazy for YA. Can you guess who I am? (If you said Tessa you are correct). 

Can you guess what today's challenge is going to be? 

All you have to do is describe a couple of book characters and we will have to guess who they are in the comments. Good luck!


#1. I'm British and  I have green eyes and a unique scar.

#2. I'm an alien and I have green eyes and an affinity for kittens--well, one specific kitten.

#3. I'm a fan of literature, I hunt creatures, and I'm tall, dark, and handsome.


#4. I have a fetish for teeth. My hair is blue. I am the opposite of an angel, but I might have fallen in love with one.

#5. I have a pretty large gap between by two front teeth. But who cares, because I get to go to school in France!

#6. I love basketball, but I cannot play it anymore. I love metaphors and gory video games. I am afraid of leaving this world and being forgotten.

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