June 23, 2015

Crazy for Summer Readathon 2015 | Letter to a Character

Everyone loves to get mail. There is just something about seeing a crisp envelope with your name on it that excites everyone, including book characters. Considering they are literally made of words, our favorite (and maybe not so favorite) characters especially love to receive mail from their adoring fans. 

So, today's challenge is to write a letter to a book character. It can be anyone, a favorite hero or a hated villain. Tell them how you really feel about them or something that they need to know. Make it as sappy, sarcastic, or insulting as you like!

Beware, things are about to get pretty sappy and emotional.

Dear Cinder,

I need you to remember something, and it's pretty important.
Things are going to get better. You may think otherwise (and who can blame you, you've got a lot going on right now) but I'm making you a promise. Things are going to get better. It may look like you don't have a chance at winning. After all, you're just you against a literal evil queen, but that's not your fault. If you didn't have all these issues, we'd never get a fourth book, and I want that book like nothing else.
Remember, I think you can win this. My guess is that pretty soon, you're going to meet someone named Winter, and I predict that she will be very helpful to your cause. You already have a great (although unconventional) group of people/aliens supporting you, you're a genius cyborg, and you've got a Prince Kai. Also, you're literally a reincarnation of Cinderella---what can't you do? If I could send you a copy of the movie, I would, but I don't think your net screen would not be able to read my VHS tape. Sorry.
Seriously, you're awesome and shouldn't doubt yourself for even a second.
Say hi to the crew for me!

A Motivational Speaker (aka Max)


Dear Tris,

There is no limit to the lessons that you have taught me.
You taught me that there is always another way to see things. 
For example, bravery was not just violence and fights, but having the courage to be yourself. You taught me that loving yourself and others is the best kind of bravery that a person can have. Nothing can beat love, even death.
You also made me realize that it is alright to be different. Sometimes, it is even a good thing. You just have to look past what other people think and just be yourself. Which is yet another type of unconventional, but important, bravery.
You also showed that there is more to people than meets the eye. You seemed to be a weak, if selfless, person to most people, who bet that you would not last a night in Dauntless. You sure proved them wrong. Not only did you survive the first night, you survived through taunts and beatings, death and violence, and heartache and exhaustion. And you thrived. That little Abnegation girl saved the world. 
You taught me to stay true to who I am.
Not only did you save the world, you stayed true to yourself until the end. People have criticized you for it, and most people hate your story for the ending. But I love it. You stayed true to what you believe in -- love. You valued others over yourself, and I think that is a lesson everyone in this world needs to be taught. 
You taught me that love will survive anything. 
Three books of torture, rebellion, fighting, and death. And your love for others, your family, and most importantly, Four, lasted through all of them. Even through war, between the world and within yourself, your love lasted.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a better me. 

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