November 7, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | Blog's First Design

Well, I have not been looking forward to this topic.

Please forgive us for what you are about to see.

(P.S. This is our 200th post!)

Today's topic is...

Our First Blog Design

Unfortunately, the website is refusing to work, so the best that I have is a link. This will take you to our first blog design.

I am still ashamed of it today.


  1. LOL Don't feel ashamed of your old blog design. I remember when my blog was just starting out. There was no header, no cool fonts, no blog button. It was complete chaos. But now, since I've grown and learned many things, I've created a whole new world. Well with the help of Butterfly-O-Meter designs of course, but yeah :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Thanks! I love how far we have come since then, but seeing the old design still makes me cringe.