November 8, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | My Blogging Toolkit

The first week of BookBlogWriMo is over!

I will admit that the first few days were rough. I have been testing my memory and writing abilities through the past week. And the fun is going to continue for three more weeks! I am prepared though, as you will see with my full arsenal of blogging weapons tools.

Today's topic is...

My (Tessa's) Blogging Toolkit

Let's start with the most basic supplies:

1. Books

Obviously, these are the most important weapons tools that I have. I need the books to read them (shocker). Our whole blog is based off of books, so it only makes sense that they are the tool that I use the most. I always have the book that I am reviewing near me in case I forget a character's name or need to look up a funny quote.

I also need to use this quote, "You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!" ~Doctor Who

*Side note: Max and I have recently begun watching Doctor Who. For those of you poor souls who do not know what I am talking about, it is a British television show about aliens. We are currently on the second (modern) season with David Tennant.

2. A computer

This one is also obvious. If you read our post about where we blog, you already know that I can only blog on a computer. Sorry, but small smartphone keyboards are just not for me. I also need to be able to have several tabs open at once. For me, tabs are kind of like a to-do list. I open every that I need to work on and I close the tabs as I finish each thing.

3. An editor

Most of the time, Max is kind enough to edit my posts. I know that it is hard to believe that my perfect posts need to be edited, but it is true.

4. Sticky Notes

As I have mentioned before, my memory sucks. So, I have to rely on things like Sticky Notes to remind me about things like blog post ideas, books I want to read, and interesting blogs. Pens are also handy to help my write on the Sticky Notes.

5. Google Drive

Lately, I have really been using Google Drive, especially the spreadsheets. I have several spreadsheets, like one for my blog tours and blitzes, and one for my BookBlogWriMo schedule. I really like them because I can share them with Max and Cassia so they can help. We also use the Google chat to do things like our Hardcover to Hollywood posts.

What thing do you use to help you blog? Do you use anything that I do? Do you have any cool tool suggestions?

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  1. Nice post :3 And I am so happy to see you are watching Doctor Who! I love that show and have been watching it since I was a child. David Tennant is my favourite doctor, and that quote is awesome <3

    Of course, the tool I use the most is books and my laptop as well. I love them both undeniably and wouldn't know where I was without them. I think it's cool that you have someone else doing the editing though ^^