November 30, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | Wrap-up

Welcome to Day 30 of BookBlogWriMo! Sadly, this is the last day of this challenge, but not the last time we will be participating in an amazing challenge by Book Bumblings!

This fantastic challenge was hosted by Book Bumblings. She had the idea to try and get bloggers into the NaNoWriMo spirit, without making us want to pull out all of our hair. And, she succeeded! I think the challenge was an amazing success!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should check out our intro post. It explains the challenge and has the links to all of our other posts.

Thanks to this challenge, we got back into the habit of blogging. I might even say that we are still here because of this challenge. We found our motivation (it was hiding underneath a pile of old books) and made new goals for the future.


As I said before, I loved this challenge and thought that it was a huge success for our blog. We had more traffic and gained a lot of followers. More importantly, I made new blogger friends!
The daily topics were diverse and never got boring. 

The only complaint that I have is that I wish that there was an easy way for participants to connect. I had trouble finding the other participant's posts. Apparently, if you have a Facebook page (which is what I use for the blog), then you cannot join a group. I was not aware of this until Facebook denied me access to the BookBlogWriMo group. I also found that not a lot of people were using #BookBlogWriMo. 

Since we enjoyed this challenge so much, we would love to participate in Book Bumblings' newest scheme, which was inspired by BookBlogWriMo. 

We would be happy to participate (or even help) with BookBlogWriMo next year.

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If you want to see what the other participants did, I recommend using the Linky below. The links will take you to their introduction posts, which have links to all of the other posts.


  1. Yeah, I wish there was a better way to keep up with all the posts. I mean, I can catch up to everyone's blogs (like what I'm doing right now) but it would've been more interactive if bloghops are done as the posts are put up. But hey, it's the first time so there's room for improvement! :)

    ~ Cate

    1. I agree! I think weekly wrap-up blog hops would have worked too, instead of just keeping them on Facebook. We might also want to expand to other social media next year too.
      Thanks for visiting! Now I have to go try to catch up with everyone else's posts too!