November 14, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | Our Ratings System

Welcome to Day 14 of BookBlogWriMo!

Today's topic is something that we, the bloggers at Crazy for YA, are very conflicted on. We would love to hear your opinions below in the comments, or shoot us an email!

Today's topic is....

Our Ratings System


I have a love/hate relationship with rating systems. I personally do not like the label of giving a book a certain number of stars. I believe that books are too complicated to be rated on such a simple scale. So, if you have not noticed, I do not include star ratings in my reviews anymore. I think that the readers should be able to figure out how many stars the book would be for them based on the pros and cons that I describe in my reviews. I find it hard to fit a book in a rating scale because the scale can mean so many different things. Some things that tick me off about a book could make a book wonderful for someone else. For example, if I sense insta-love in a book, I immediately lower my expectations for the book. It is an instant turn off for a book for me. BUT, I know that other (crazy) people like insta-love, and it could be the factor that make the book worth five stars to them.

This video from Ariel Bisset basically explains my view on rating scales, and why I do not include them in my reviews.

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  1. I think it's interesting that you think ratings are actually hard to peg down. Maybe you could do something like rating on stars for each thing, plot, characters, world building, etc... and then take an average and see if that rating fits the book better? I usually include ratings just because if a reader wants to take a glimpse at my post and get the general idea, they usually look at ratings.

    But it does also make sense. Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion!