November 22, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | Show Me Your Shelves

Welcome to Day 22 of BookBlogWriMo!

Bookshelves are amazing. I have always been astonished by them. We even made a whole Pinterest board about them.

Unfortunately, my own book collection is somewhat lacking, since I get most of my books from a local library.

Today's topic is...

Show Me Your Shelves


This is my only personal bookshelf. (Sad, right?) 
So, I would talk about my organization, but I think that it is obvious that I do not have any organization.
I do not have many books, but the ones that I do own are my favorites (or were on sale, don't judge).


So...organization...it is organized by author's last name except for the first books on the first shelf, which are my Melissa Marr books. And the books that are stacked are books I got after I filled my shelves and just kind of got put there. So there is a method to the madness. ;)
If you want to know what any of the books are and you can't tell, just ask in the comments. 
(The reason I don't have the pictures bigger is they're from my phone and when I make it bigger they get blurry. Sorry about that.)


  1. Only having one shelf isn't bad! I know lots of bloggers who have plenty of bookshelves. I only have one, but I need another bookshelf! And I like the looks of your shelves. They look well used and are admirable :3

    Check out my review: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/11/carrier-review.html

  2. OMG. I'm too embarrassed to even post my shelves.

    I have a cheap three-shelf thing from Walmart, and then I keep some others in a three-shelf cube stand from the Dollar General. Both have books spilling out of them. I even have books in plastic crates and in a cedar chest.

    I can't wait until I have enough room for real book cases. Then I'll be able to look at all my books and admire them.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

  3. Keeping shelves organized... the struggle is real.

    ~ Cate