November 9, 2014

BookBlogWriMo | My Blogging Workflow

Time for week two of BookBlogWriMo 2014!

I know I haven't been posting much, but here I am! (This is Cassia, by the way. Tessa created the post, so that's why her name is next to the "Posted by" at the bottom of the post.)

Today's topic is...

My Blogging Workflow

Hmm...good question. Well, I usually do everything on Google Drive first. Whether it's a review or a Soundtrack Saturday (will continue after BookBlogWriMo), you'll find a copy of it as a Google Doc. From there, I copy and paste it into the post.

For any post I do, I always try to get it done in one sitting. When I write a review, for example, I get all these ideas in my head, and if I stop and start again, I'll forget them. If I absolutely have to take a break from it to do something, I'll write a little note for myself at the bottom. Soundtrack Saturdays aren't exactly the same, though. Usually, I have to go through a lot of songs I know on Spotify, so it doesn't affect my plans for the playlist. It's more that if I don't do it in one sitting, I'll forget about it.

I'm not sure if my reviews sound sporadic, but they are in my head. Like I said, I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, and the only reason my reviews are somewhat organized is that I hold myself back and make myself put it into paragraphs that actually have a main subject. So my blogging gets a little crazy.

Lastly, my blogging involves music. I don't exactly need music to work, but it makes it a lot better. Not that blogging is work, but you know what I mean. Usually I listen to Spotify, because I'm at home and have internet. I can listen to the music I have on my phone anywhere, so I only use Spotify at home to save data. Oh, and with Spotify, it's usually the app on my computer. You can listen to albums in order, any song whenever you want (except for radio), and they don't insert songs. On the app on my phone, you have to shuffle play everything, and then they put in songs that aren't even on the CD.

Have a great week!
Goodbye for now,

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  1. I agree with a lot of things, and my workflow is pretty similar! I too, write them on Microsoft before pasting them onto my blog. Music is always a must for me, so that is given <3 And all of mine are written in one sitting as well because I am as forgetful as you are!